Learning Vault

Again, this project saw us going to the other side of the world and really reflects our global outlook (and love of food). Learning Vault are an Australian online learning platform and had designed a commercial cookery course for culinary schools, having partnered with Michelin Star chef Farzan Contractor.   So we packed our bags and headed down under for an an intense, two week long shoot. The results were so rewarding (and mammoth!) – we produced more than 500 videos amounting to over 24 hours of content. 

We had full creative control and had a full four camera set up in a kitchen studio with a crew of 6, fulfilling all of our Ready Steady Cook fantasies we’d had since childhood.   All the videos were then given the full bespoke branding treatment from us, including motion graphics, subtitles and intro’s and outro’s. These are now hosted on Learning Vault’s own training platform and are being used in culinary schools across Australia. Check out one of the recipe videos!