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Live broadcasting is the easiest and quickest way to broadcast to both your employees and customer base, and it’s become more popular than ever in the past year. We create bespoke live virtual experiences in training comms, and events for a wide range of industries globally. By using the latest technology and asset design our highly engaging and visually stunning broadcasts can be made accessible to all of your employees and customers worldwide. 


Growing up on a diet of The Simpsons and Family Guy,
at Mountain Pictures we look for any excuse to turn our hand to animation.

Alongside live video production, animation and graphics are our other specialities.

Animations help you communicate complicated, dense information in simple terms. It adds personality and colour to your website and comms. Animation makes a welcome change to large chunks of text and dreaded presentations which drift off into a monologue.

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We can animate from scratch or we can take information you give us, such as charts and tables and transform them into living, breathing animations that provide memorable videos.

Our graphics team can also bring regular videos to life – a simple talking heads video can jump out with beautiful intros & outros, animated typography and overlays.

Check out our showreel and get in touch with us to figure out how graphics and animations can revitalise your businesses’ communications.

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If a picture paints a thousand words, just how many words does a high impact video conjure up?

More and more big businesses are relying on video to tell their stories. A two-minute video can save you countless words – what’s more, customers now expect to learn about a product or service in this way.

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So, let’s practice what we preach, I’ll pipe down, and you can check out some of the corporate videos we’ve created:

Drop us a line to figure out how we can create video content for your business now.

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Whether you’re from the Denzel Washington or David Brent school of thought, there’s nothing more dreaded than a training day that doesn’t work out.

Pre-recorded training videos can help totally shift your company training away from time-consuming all-day events and allow your employees to receive training around their workload, at home or even on the move.

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We can work with your trainers to shoot a dynamic series of short, sharp training videos. Breaking information down into smaller chunks rather than day-long sessions is also a far better way for your participants to take messages on board, too. So it’s win-win for everyone.

Check out this case study video below, and get in touch with us to see how we can support you improve your training

If you want to take the leap and deliver live (rather than pre-recorded) training videos, make sure to check out our Mountain Pictures Live page.

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There’s nothing like being at a live event in person, but if you miss out, our videos are a pretty good second best.   Over the years, we’ve filmed a huge range of live events: gigs, talks, conferences, panel discussions and even sports. We package these up and redistribute them in different ways, for example: 

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  • Editing keynote conference speeches for use on company intranets and for internal use for guests unable to attend in person
  • Turning amazing band performances into DVD films, including the show itself, backstage footage and interviews with the band 
  • Repacking panel discussions into a video that can be shared widely on company websites, through mailers and on social media 

In our hands, a live event can live on forever, way after the lights go down and the stage is disassembled. Check out a few of our favourite live clips below and drop us a line if you want to discuss how we can capture your next live event for you. 

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