Full professional production setup for your online training

How our clients use it

Since launching in Spring 2020, we’ve partnered with several different companies who are all using Mountain Pictures Live in different, exciting ways:

Live virtual conferences and
awards ceremonies

Guest speakers, engaging presentations, breakout rooms – these are all possible on a Mountain Pictures Live virtual event, whilst avoiding the massive operational fees and admin involved with running an in-person one. Why book a conference centre when you can simply provide your guests with a link?

Live virtual learning

Whether you’re running a global training programme or introducing some new technology to your employees, training a whole workforce face-to-face can be a daunting task. We can lighten the load for you by running short, sharp virtual training sessions that lose none of the intensity of in-person training. This is particularly beneficial for companies who want to reach their global workforce quickly & easily. By hosting short, weekly sessions, it’s a lot easier for your employees to breakdown the information and take it all on board properly. In turn, this boosts employee focus and engagement when they continue with their day-to-day role.

Live virtual pitching

If you’re planning an online pitch and really want to dazzle the panel, a Mountain Pictures Live will make you stand out from the crowd. You can present your pitch with the feel of being in the room there with them, without having to worry about sharing screens, emailing documents or your laptop camera cutting out! Our expert graphics team also add beautiful design and motion graphics to your presentation to ensure it jumps out of the screen

Live virtual comms

It’s difficult to have a company all hands meeting if you’ve got hundreds of employees all over the world. We can solve that for you. With Mountain Pictures live, important communications can be delivered to your workforce quickly, privately and a way which engages them fully. Send out a link and the CEO can give a live, in person message to everyone in a matter of minutes. Bingo.

The process

All of our Live broadcasts are a collaborative experience. Our expert team will work closely with you to identify exactly what you wish to achieve, not only from the broadcast itself, but also the content and messaging within it. We break this down into four stages:

1. What you need from us

Are you after a daylong workshop? A series of short, sharp training sessions? A one-off message? We can help you work out what you need to deliver to your audience or participants

2. What we need from you

Get a big pot of coffee on, please. We’ll sit down and run a knowledge extraction session with you (not as scary as it sounds, we promise) to find out exactly what you’re trying to achieve and how best to communicate this to your audience.

3. We work

Using the information you’ve given us, we design and create an amazing broadcast experience – slide shows, videos, breakout rooms, Q+As, tailormade for your business

4. We deliver

This will be broadcast to your audience through a Mountain Pictures Live, and can be made available for playback or turned into video for future use

Collaboration is at the heart of what we do, and we firmly believe that, although we are the experts in the Live production itself, we need to be led by you, our client, to finalise a vision together.

We’ll work together with you to decide what will work best for you and your audience, and from there we’ll plan an engaging and memorable broadcast.

If you provide us with a facilitator, we will train and prepare them so they’re totally comfortable in the studio. We can also work with one of our affiliated partners to find the perfect facilitator for your needs.

A key element of our live productions is participation. People tuning in are able to contribute and chat to one another and also the presenter, making this just as valuable as live, face-to-face interactions. The presenter will ask questions, and emphasise that this is very much a dialogue, as opposed to a speech. No one wants to sit through a monologue, and we ensure that doesn’t happen.

Live broadcasts are totally flexible to suit your needs – whether it’s an hour-long investment pitch or a three-day long event, we can do whatever you need to bring your concept to life.

Finally, we just want to mention a point that is extremely important to us at Mountain Pictures. Virtual events stamp out carbon emissions by removing the travel and food emissions involved with conferencing. Virtual engagement is going to have a huge role to play as global companies do their best to reduce their emissions. If you can hold conferences with zero carbon emissions, your competitors will be green with envy (sorry, couldn’t resist).

As well as trying to make the training space greener, we’re also committed to ‘1% For The Planet’ and donate 1% of our turnover every year to help tackle some of the planet’s biggest environmental challenges.

Likewise, you can provide us with a slide deck and videos you want included in the broadcast. We’ll collaborate with our animators and designers to create bespoke overlays and motion graphics to fit within your brand guidelines that enhance audience engagement and perfectly complement your content.

We use the best in live broadcast technology to broadcast from our studios to your audience. Our live broadcasts mean that a presenter (you or one of your colleagues, or a facilitator we provide) can speak directly to the audience, meanwhile our expert team seamlessly run their presentation visuals or video alongside them.

After the broadcast, you can receive a video of the event itself, if you wish to have it on file or send it onto others who missed it. We can also create an edited version, which many of our clients like to use internally, on their websites or on social media. This can be cut differently to include subtitles, intro’s and outro’s and overlays so it can feel like a new piece of content if that’s the effect you’re after.

And that’s a wrap – you’ve now delivered an event and created a meaningful piece of content that will add long lasting value to your business.

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Don’t just take our word for the benefits of a Mountain Pictures Live. Hear what some of our most recent clients have to say (good place to link to video of testimonials).